Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Boulder, CO: Mt Sanitas Hike

The other lower-elevation hike we went on while in Colorado was Mt Sanitas. It is Boulder, and Bryan and his girlfriend recommended this to us too (and then recommended checking out the town afterward). 

This hike was quite a bit more strenuous than Mt Falcon, but also really beautiful. There were lots and lots of rocks to climb. I am short (5'2") and it takes me forever to climb things. Eric (6'2") did this hike easily. I slowed him down quite a bit and felt bad about it.

Getting to the top was really rewarding. We had another gorgeous day and could see for miles.

We took a different, flatter way down and had a flat (pretty boring) trail to get back to our car.

Eric and his sharp eyes spotted a hummingbird on the trail, though! So cool.

There isn't much parking for this trail. There's a tiny lot across the street but it was full when we were here, so we parked off the side of the road. If you are willing to climb rock steps to get to a nice view (and nice workout), it's a good hike!

Morrison, CO: Red Rocks Amphitheater

After our Mt Falcon hike, we still had a good chunk of the afternoon to spend as we pleased. Being able to see Red Rocks from the fire tower at Mt Falcon made me realize that we could hit it up on our way back to Denver, and since it was one of the things Bryan had recommended we check out, off we went.

The rocks are cool from the beginning. It didn't cost us a thing to get into the park. We parked in a parking lot near a visitor's center. There are a lot of concerts hosted here (our timing was just off enough that we missed the One Republic concert), so make sure to check out events before you go to find out about traffic or anything else you need to know.

We were a bit tired from our earlier hike, so we didn't want to do too much walking around this park. We found a map and decided to climb the amphitheater stairs instead of doing a hike through the rocks.

It was pretty great. People come here to do workouts, and I bet all of those people are in insane shape.

How amazing would going to a concert here be?!

Completely beautiful.

I am glad we stopped by here on our way back to Denver. The rock formations are super cool and the amphitheater is amazing. Definitely check it out if you're in the area, especially if you can get there for a concert.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Morrison, CO: Mt Falcon Hike

After the pretty exhausting (but wonderful) experience of our engagement hike, we decided to not try any other 14ers on this trip (none of them really seemed doable with all the snow). But that didn't mean we didn't want to keep hiking at lower elevations. Eric found us this gem about half an hour outside Denver: Mt Falcon Park. We did this hike detailed on Day Hikes Near Denver, plus a little more, which took us to a castle ruin and a fire tower, and gave us some amazing views of the area. I will let the photos do most of the talking. We had a gorgeous day for this hike.

We could see Red Rocks from a part of this hike. We were up on the fire tower at this point.

And downtown Denver.

I can't get over how beautiful these mountains are.

The castle ruins were pretty ruinous, but still cool to see.

The road that led into the park was called Oh-Kay Rd. Awesome.

If you are looking for a lower elevation hike near Denver with great views on a pretty day, this is a good choice. There is a big parking area but it was fairly full when we were there. We also took a picnic lunch and plenty of water with us, as we were hiking for several hours (we did probably 5 miles in the park).